Empowered Publicity Mission Statement

It is our deepest desire to offer the highest quality publicity services to authors and speakers from around the world, assisting and empowering them in sharing their gifts, skills, and talents, while also spreading their messages of hope, healing, inspiration, and love to those in need.

Everything we do at Empowered Publicity is based on placing the “we” before the “me,” coming from a heart-centered perspective, from a space and place of authenticity, balance, compassion, and integrity.

If one is wishing to take the next steps in their life’s purpose and chooses to open their hearts and to a world of endless possibilities, one’s dreams, desires, and goals can and indeed will become their reality.

We are deeply honored for the opportunity to be of service to you. Welcome to Empowered Publicity.

Empowered Publicity Services


Do you feel in your heart that the work you are blessed to do is that of your soul’s purpose, but are finding it difficult to create awareness for your message?

As an author and/or speaker, are you wishing to take your next steps and share your gifts with the world? In the words of our dear teacher and mentor Dr. Wayne Dyer: Don’t die with your music still inside you.

Let us see how we, at Empowered Publicity, can be of service to you as you move forward.

Please complete the brief questionnaire below, kindly providing us with your name, e-mail address, and phone number. We will reply back to you as promptly as possible to schedule your free discovery call (via Skype or Zoom).

Thank you for your consideration of Empowered Publicity.