A Night Of Spirituality, Love, & Healing Before Thanksgiving: Join Us @ The Lancaster Library November 17th For The Walking Each Other Home Meetup Potluck

Do you feel lost, afraid, alone, or unloved? Do you feel as if the world in which you lived in not that long ago feels completely different? Has your perspective on life and its meaning completely transformed? Do you feel that you were placed here on Earth for a reason, but have wondered what your life purpose is? Were you diagnosed with a perceived illness or disease and have been struggling with your health? Have you always placed others before yourself and have had difficulty putting yourself first and practicing self-love?

Join us at The Lancaster Library on Thursday, November 17th (beginning at 6PM ET) for Walking Each Other Home, where you will be able to join like-minded souls that are on a journey of self-love and self-discovery just like you, where you will be to share your path with others in a safe and sacred space and help to unite the community in the name of love, service, and healing. 

You will have the chance to receive messages for both yourself and others in the group. Spiritual Guide John Masiulionis will lead the Meetup with special prayers and meditation and will be discussing the importance of honoring yourself through a daily practice of self-love, which can and will help you to connect to the love that are. In addition, we will be sharing the messages and healing energies contained within Bene Brown’s The Power of Vulnerability, 10-year-old Muskan Virk’s 365 Days of Gratitude, Charlotte Church’s Pie Jesu, Cloverton’s Take Me Into The Beautiful, plus the San Diego Children Choir’s rendition of Amazing Grace.

We will be gathering together to celebrate what we have to be thankful for, knowing that when we do that, there is more to be grateful for in each present moment that follows. In commemoration of the Thanksgiving holiday, we will be having a special Walking Each Other Home Potluck. Each person who attends is invited to bring a desert, snack, and/or beverage of his/her own choosing. Through this gathering and through the enjoyment of this blessed feast, we will set an intention in unison of nourishing our minds, bodies, and souls, providing for us the fuel for the love that we will be giving to ourselves, our families, and or loved ones all throughout the holiday season. 

This is an opportunity to release what no longer serves you and to let your soul and consciousness expand. This is a chance to be yourself, where you do not have to wear any masks to pretend to be someone other than you are. The healing on all levels that you never thought was possible is now here.

If you are in the Buffalo area, we encourage you to join us. Please share this Meetup if you have someone you know, love, and care about that would be interested in attending. 

We hope that you join us, with a mind attached to nothing and open to everything. It will be our honor to inspire, serve, and hold the space for you through this evening of unconditional love. 

If you are in Western New York or the Southern Ontario area, we encourage you to join us and take part in the Walking Each Other Home. Please share this Meetup if someone you know, love, and care about would be interested in attending. You are also welcome to join in the discussion in the official Walking Each Other Home Facebook Group

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