10-Year-Old Muskan Virk Brings Her Message Of “365 Days Of Gratitude” To Hay House Radio LIVE On December 13th

The Message Of “365 Days Of Gratitude” Is Coming To Hay House Radio: 10-Year-Old Muskan Virk Joins Gerry Gavin’s “Messages From Margaret” LIVE Tuesday, December 13th

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Buffalo, NY, December 13, 2016  Less than two weeks before Christmas, a powerful message is being spread across the world. One of unconditional love. One of compassion. One of gratitude. 


Tune in to Hay House Radio on Tuesday night, December 13th (beginning at 6PM ET/3PM PT), as one of the world’s youngest authors, 10-year-old Muskan Virk, will join Gerry Gavin‘s Messages From Margaret radio show to share the release of her new-book 365 Days of Gratitude, her recent experience serving the residents of The Midnight Mission this past Saturday at A Night of Gratitude, plus preview her forthcoming book signing/Q&A in New York City at Aum Shanti Bookshop on Saturday afternoon, December 17th (between 1-3PM ET).


You can listen to the interview live for free by logging on to HayHouse.com or by listening on the Hay House App. If you miss the live airing of Muskan’s interview, you can subscribe to Hay House Radio and receive your own monthly membership, which will provide you with access to Gerry’s conversation with Muskan, along with any past episodes of Messages From Margaret that you may have missed.

If you are navigating through a difficult time in your life and/or if you are moving through a time of transformation and change, let the energies of 365 Days of Gratituderemind you of who you are and what’s truly important, regardless of your age and the stage that you are at in your life. 365 Days of Gratitude provides people of all ages with hope, healing, positivity, and a sense of knowing and feeling the foundation of what joy and happiness are based off of: gratitude. 

About Muskan Virk: Muskan Virk came into this world as a miracle after her parents’ 16 years of marriage. At the young age of six, Muskan learned about the injustice that Malala Yousafzai had gone through, and was devastated. She was propelled to take action and make a difference. She started by raising fund to donate to the Malala Fund and other local charities. However, despite the difference she was already making, Muskan didn’t want to stop there. She asked her mother incessantly about why there was so much gender inequality in such modern times. In order to shift her thoughts on this subject to a more positive state, her mother gave her a journal and encouraged her to write one thing every day that she was grateful for. From those beautiful daily gratitudes, her book, 365 Days of Gratitude was born. Muskan is inspired by knowing that her words will make a difference in people’s lives and would like to make a difference globally with her foundation called Helping Hands, whose mission is to help homelessness in every country. Muskan lives with her parents and her dog Butterball. For additional information, please visit Muskan on Instagram

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