10-Year-Old Muskan Virk Kicks Off Her 365 Days Of Gratitude Summer Book Tour In Buffalo

10-Year-Old Muskan Virk Kicks Off Her 365 Days Of Gratitude Summer Book Tour In Buffalo

Buffalo, NY – June 5, 2017 – Join one of the world’s youngest authors, 10-year-old Muskan Virk, as she kicks off her 365 Days of Gratitude Summer Book Tour in Western New York with a week-long celebration of gratitude and six special events in/around Buffalo the week of July 4th.

The Healing Power Of Gratitude @ Unity of Buffalo (Sunday, July 2nd, 12-3PM ET, Suggested Love Offering: $20: Adults, $15: Seniors & Children): Muskan will be sharing her amazing and inspirational journey, how focusing on what and whom you have in your life can help you in your own healing, while allowing you to hold the space for those in your life who are healing. You are invited to take part in the Gratitude Pot Luck at the conclusion of the event. A portion of the love offering will go to the Child Life Department of Women’s & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. All are welcome to take part in this special afternoon of gratitude.

What Are You Grateful For? @ The Lancaster Library (Monday, July 3rd, 1-3PM ET): While feeling freedom and independence in the air and enjoying the holiday festivities in Lancaster, take some time to reflect and relax, and to connect with your family, friends, and your neighbors to share with Muskan what and whom you have in your life to be grateful for.

365 Days of Gratitude Book Signing @ Dawnfire Sanctuary (Wednesday, July 5th, 6-8PM ET):

Meet & Greet/365 Days of Gratitude Book Signing @ Ilio DiPaolo’s Restaurant (Thursday, July 6th, 12-2PM ET): One of the most important things to be grateful for in our lives is the delicious food that we are blessed to eat every day and enjoying it with those we love and care about. Food does taste better when it’s shared. When walking into Ilio’s, you will have the opportunity to meet Muskan and share your gratitudes before enjoying your lunch with family and friends.

A Night of Gratitude @ The Buffalo City Mission (Friday, July 7th, 5-8PM ET: **Event Closed To The Public**): Muskan will be uniting the women and children of the Buffalo City Mission in a night of hope and healing, serving the evening’s dinner meal, singing Amazing Grace, and speaking to the residents about the importance of believing in yourself and never giving up. 

Grounded In Gratitude @ Monkey See, Monkey Do…Children’s Bookstore (Saturday, July 8th, 11AM-12:30PM ET): Families, parents, and children of all ages are invited to join Muskan for the creation of a special Gratitude Tree Mural, to share your gratitudes, by adding your “leaves” and/or “handprints,” to leave a lasting impression. 

“My family and are blessed to come to Western New York for the first time. Buffalo has been referred to for some time as the ‘City of Good Neighbors,’ and so there’s no place else I could think of to begin my 365 Days of Gratitude Summer Book Tour other than Buffalo,” said Muskan.

At each event open to the public, Muskan will also be signing copies of her book 365 Days of Gratitude, which will be available for purchase. Part of the proceeds of all books sold in Western New York will go to Helping Hands, Muskan’s official organization, which is giving back to the homeless and to those in need across the globe.

The Inspiring Journey To 365 Days Of Gratitude: Muskan came into this world as a miracle after her parents’ 16 years of marriage. At the young age of 6, Muskan learned about the injustice that Malala Yousafzai (the Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate) had gone through, and was devastated. She was propelled to take action and wanted to make a difference. She started by raising funds to donate to the Malala Fund and other local charities. However, despite the difference she was already making, Muskan didn’t want to stop there. She asked her mother incessantly about why there was so much gender inequality in such modern times. In order to shift her thoughts on this subject to a more positive state, her mother gave her a journal and encouraged her to write one thing every day that she was grateful for.

She wanted Muskan to focus on all the positive things in her life. As time passed, her mother forgot about the journal, until Muskan came to her later with a journal filled with all of the things she was grateful for and how she had transformed her negative thoughts about gender inequality into positive thoughts on how she can use her influence to make an impact.

From those beautiful daily gratitudes, 365 Days of Gratitude was born. Muskan has since traveled throughout North America, to New York City, Seattle, and Los Angeles, sharing her message of gratitude, love, and compassion with children, parents, families, and the homeless, connecting one heartbeat at a time.

Along with the inspiring stories of gratitude from best-selling authors Serena Dyer (the daughter of beloved spiritual teacher and New York Times best-selling author and inspirational speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer) and Rick Hansen (Canadian Paralympian, activist, and philanthropist for people with disabilities), 365 Days of Gratitude is filled with simple gratitudes of everyday life, which inspire and uplift, and remind all of the beauty and pleasures that surrounds us and makes us feel good.

To learn more about Muskan Virk and her charitable organization (Helping Hands), please visit MuskanVirk.com.

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