Faith, Healing, And Forgiveness: Mercedes Wilson Shares Her Courageous Story In Her New Book HOPE

Immediate Release:
June 6, 2018
Press Contact:
John Masiulionis
President of Empowered Publicity

Mercedes Wilson Shares The Message Of Faith, Healing, & Forgiveness In Her New Book: HOPE: How Faith Carried Me Through My Darkest Hours

Learn how hope can transform your mind, change your life, and allow you to conquer any of life’s challenges.

Buffalo, NY — June 6, 2018 — Author Mercedes Wilson always knew that there was something pulling at her heart from childhood. This pulling was keeping her in her darkest times, when she felt like she was going to lose it all. In her new book, HOPE: How Faith Carried Me Through My Darkest Hours (published by Westbow Press), Mercedes, shares the most intimate experiences of her life.

Mercedes experienced things that a lot of young women face growing up, from abuse and divorce to bankruptcy and cancer. Everything she tried to escape stared her in the face at the most difficult time in her life, making it hard for her to continue running.

“I realized that hope is not birthed from perfection, that hope is started in the depths of your hurting soul with a simple word from God,” said Wilson.

Mercedes’ book is not just a memoir, but it is a testimony. Not only does she bare all, but she explains the details about how she was able to overcome all through faith and her belief in Christ.

Hope: How Faith Carried Me Through My Darkest Hours
By Mercedes Wilson
Softcover | 118 pages | ISBN 9781973618089
Hardcover | 118 pages | ISBN 9781973618072
eBook | 118 pages | ISBN 9781973618096
About the Author

Mercedes Wilson is a radio and television personality, author, public speaker, a devoted mother, and the founder of For Our Daughters, Inc. After her battle with breast cancer, Mercedes has honored her calling to share her journey of healing and her story of hope to those in need across the world. Mercedes has recently embarked on her latest venture, the launch of her new radio show, The Mercedes Wilson Show, highlighting issues in today’s church, to answer the questions that so many have about the teachings of Christ. Mercedes currently resides in Buffalo, NY with her husband and four children.

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Feel The Messages Of Gabby Bernstein, Celtic Woman, & Peter Cetera On October 20th: Join Us At The Lancaster Library For Walking Each Other Home

Do you feel lost, scared, afraid, alone, or unloved? Do you feel as if the world in which you lived in not that long ago feels completely different? Has your perspective on life and its meaning completely transformed? Do you feel that you were placed here on Earth for a reason, but have wondered what your life purpose is? Were you diagnosed with a perceived illness or disease and have been struggling with your health? Have you always placed others before yourself and have had difficulty putting yourself first and practicing self-love?

Join us at the Lancaster Library on Thursday, October 20th (beginning at 6PM ET) for Walking Each Other Home, where you will be able to join like-minded souls that are on a journey of self-love and self-discovery just like you, where you will be to share your path with others in a safe and sacred space and help to unite the community in the name of love, service, and healing. 

You will have the chance to receive messages for both yourself and others in the group. Spiritual Guide John Masiulionis will lead the Meetup with special prayers and meditation and will be discussing the importance of honoring yourself through a daily practice of self-love, which can and will help you to connect to the love that are. We will also be sharing the messages and healing energies contained within Gabby Bernstein‘s New York Times best-selling book Miracles Now, Celtic Woman‘s Awakening, and Peter Cetera‘s The Glory of Love, among others. Plus, the staff at The Village Greek in Lancaster will talk a little bit about how their journey of love and serving others brought them into the village with the intention of nourish the minds, bodies, and souls of those they are blessed to serve every day.

To cover the costs of the Meetup’s monthly service fee, as well as to allow us to promote the Meetup on social media, we are kindly asking for those attending the monthly Walking Each Other Home Meetup at the Lancaster Library or those who simply feel a calling to chip in, for a $5 love offering (which can be made through the Walking Each Other Home Meetup page, or through Paypal at John@EmpoweredByJohn.com). This simple gift from your heart will have a positive effect and will ensure this Meetup continues to thrive past the holiday season and into the new year.

We hope that you join us, with a mind attached to nothing and open to everything. It will be our honor to help, inspire, and serve you through this evening of unconditional love. 

If you are in Western New York or the Southern Ontario area, we encourage you to join us and take part in Walking Each Other Home. Please share this Meetup if someone you know, love, and care about would be interested in attending. You are also welcome to join in the discussion in the official Walking Each Other Home Facebook GroupWe hope that you join us, with a mind attached to nothing and open to everything. It will be our honor to help, inspire, and serve you through this evening of unconditional love. 

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Dr. Roy L. Hill’s All-New Google Hangout On Faith, Connecting With Our Soul, & NDE’s Coming June 4th

The author of the book, Psychology and the Near-Death Experience: Searching for God, Dr. Roy L. Hill, Psy.D., joins me this Saturday, June 4th (@ 5PM ET/3PM MT) for an all-new #HangoutsOnAir on Google Plus, as we talk about the importance of faith on one’s spiritual journey, connecting with our soul, near-death experiences, how the recent transition of Muhammad Ali will help to awaken people around the world to the love of humanity, plus a special announcement on the release of his new book, which is set for release later this year.

I cordially welcome you to share this infusion of love and healing on social media and to pass along this message to those you love and care about. Any comments on this interview, Dr. Hill’s book, near-death experiences, your spiritual awakening, and faith are invited in the comments section below.

Dr. Hill’s book, “Psychology and the Near-Death Experience” is now available for purchase in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.com and on paperback and Nook at Barnes & Noble.

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