Give Your Glimpses To God

Has your 2016 started off on a heavenly note? If the answer to this question is “yes,” then you have undoubtedly been feeling the wonderful energies that have been streaming through the Universe over the past few weeks, that began around the Christmas holiday. If the answer to the question I posed is “no,” and it seems as if your life has flipped upside down, I assure you that not only that all is well, but that you can give yourself the permission to shift your perspective to see things differently. How about going outside of the box for a New Year’s Resolution that will last beyond 2016: to release the “old programming,” the old thought process that no longer serves you. I assure you, that if you surrender this request to your soul, your higher self, to the Divine, and to God, some interesting things will begin to happen.

Now, after many years of negative thoughts and wondering “how can they go away?,” I put out the intention to the Universe to let my own outdated software dissolve itself. And presto! Another chapter of “My Empowering Miracle” has been written. Call it divine timing, call it the extensive inner work that I have been doing, but I view it as more of a combination of things really. I credit the releasing of this in large part to no longer needing to view myself as a body. I already had a good grasp on the “I am not my thoughts, feelings, emotions, possessions” part, but I always struggled with the “pain body.” Coming clean on that one, for my soul and for all of you.


If you are not familiar with the “pain body,” I highly encourage you to read Eckhart Tolle‘s “A New Earth” or get the lowdown on it from the man himself in the above YouTube video. I am not an expert, by far, on this topic, so I leave the best explanation on this to someone more versed, and who better than Sir Eckhart to describe the “pain body.” Know this though: You have a choice: You have the power to choose whether you wish to continue the cycle of pain you have been experiencing (either subconsciously and/or consciously), or end your suffering, while still joining us here on Earth School, choosing love vs. fear.

As many of you, I too was very much embracing the beginning of the new year and fully release 2015, keeping its teachings and remembering its blessings and life lessons. I was beginning to notice that I was noticeably feeling even better around Christmastime and a few days thereafter. Fast forward to New Year’s Eve if I may. I had returned from doing laundry in Los Angeles, which may sound interesting to you, because I live in Buffalo. Over the past several months, I was brought to a “Coin Laundry” near my residence. I was always guided to park between the “o” in “coin” and the “u” in “laundry.” There are no coincidences in the Universe. “In LA.” Quite interesting indeed. This realization set in prior to New Year’s Eve, but I would it especially fitting that of all nights during the year, of all the things I could be doing, that laundry was what was in the tea leaves. In truth, I was actually spending some “time” in California, where I will be ringing in many a new year very soon.


After returning home, close to midnight, I sat down in my office, powering up the online feed of “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” As is the customary tradition, John Lennon’s “Imagine” was being played in Times Square. Jessie J, whose music I admittedly not heard of until this night, was performing “Imagine,” leading an estimated one million people in the heart of New York City in singing this timeless classic, on the Planet Fitness “Judgment Free” stage. Empowered souls: I truly cannot put into words how amazing I felt while watching this. It felt as if there was a surge of white light flowing through my being, with a knowing that an inner knowing that 2016 was going to be the most beautiful year of my entire life and the lives of those I touched. Too add in a little flair, the song that came streaming on Pandora Radio in my living room? How about Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time.” My grandmother was definitely celebrating New Year’s Eve in heaven by having some fun with me, in a loving way of course, while operating the controls of Pandora Radio from above. I had never in my life felt this good to usher in a new year. And this experience, these series of present moments cost virtually nothing, albeit the cost of my electricity and internet for the day. I have a feeling that many of you experienced a memorable New Year’s Eve in your own right, as part of these recent supportive energies from the Divine.

There is a personal connection for placing a title with every blog that I write, and I safely assume that if you love to write creatively and let your soul speak through your PC, tablet, or favorite electronic device of your choice, that is also the same for you. You may be wondering as you read “Why did John select the title of ‘Give Your Glimpses to God’ for his first blog of 2016?” If that came through your flow of consciousness, wonderful! If not, no judgment. It’s all good either way.

If you have co-navigating my spiritual journey from afar, whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or through my previous blogs, you have noticed that my visions of what I am seeing for my life are beginning to unfold with even greater clarity, more than ever before. The name of my son was downloaded to me, the specific destination in California that “I am living in” was revealed, and yes, another layer of the inner knowing was shown to me: that the person I am meant to spend the rest of my life with here is already in my life. Even Oprah would think that’s a lot of Aha! moments in a brief span of time. This, combined with opening myself to the possibility of having more than just one child, despite my son being only one I “saw” and felt within my being.


It would be very easy on the surface to begin to want real, tangible answers from God during this part of your life. You could begin to think. And think some more. And then you could begin to over think, which turns into analyzing, followed by a part-time residence of dwelling in your noggin’. Thank you Mercury Retrograde! Now, you may believe that Mercury Retrograde parallels that of “Gilligan’s Island,” that your life is tossed about for a three weeks a few times per year. That’s what you may have thought until now. But try this on for size, while we are in the first few days of the first Mercury Retrograde of 2016: Imagine, just imagine that you are actually receiving clarity during this time. You are recognizing what is working and what’s not. You are reviewing your life and seeing what and/or whom needs to stay and what/whom needs to be released. It’s a time of reflection, seeing how far you’ve come on your own personal path, while letting things unfold before you.

Back at the end of 2013 leading into 2014, I saw glimpses of what my life was revealing for me, as my spiritual awakening began, as I began to shift: I saw the person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with, my soul mate if you will. I saw having a family. I was given the opportunity to place my feet into the shallow end of the pool that is the Divine, through my experience co-hosting Soul Luminous Radio, learning from some of my greatest teachers: Anita Moorjani, Panache Desai, James Van Praagh, among others. A part of me thought I had everything figured out. Things were starting to make sense. Not so fast John! There were two things that were needed on my end that I had to reconnect with: my love with God and the love for myself that I so desperately wanted. All would be revealed when, where, and how it was meant to.

I was not ready then. I had to “be” with the emotions of fear, anger, guilt, judgment, shame, and unworthiness that I had suppressed for decades. Then, and only then, would I be able to truly move forward and allow myself to receive the blessings that God and the Universe had planned for me. The truth: When you love yourself, when you stay connected to God, when you forgive yourself for the times you did not love yourself and for the times you disconnected from God, your external matches the internal.

For countless souls across the planet, the past four or five years have brought up a lot. We have purged emotions, energy, vibrations, jobs, possessions, relationships, and yes, even money from your lives. What was no longer serving you needed to be let go of. And for some of us, that’s been a challenge. The whole “letting go” part. That’s where we’ve experienced the most discomfort. We clutched onto what we knew, in whatever way that presented itself, because that was all that we knew. Our souls, however, were not going to let us be “stuck” anymore. The Universe gave each and every one of us a little kick in the tush and moved us forward to where we needed to be. The really cool thing about all of this is literally found in the here and now: that 2016 is the year of completion.

What I described above may now be starting to make a little more sense. We had to go through that “stuff” in order to get to where we are now. We have come so far. Our dreams are no longer our dreams: They are our realities. So, your soul’s purpose is going to make the biggest strides over the next 12 months. The desires of your heart will begin to take shape in the physical realm. Now remember, before you return to the ride at the amusement park that is the mind, know that those desires will be revealed in the way that God wants. There are times when what you want is different from what your higher self wants and what the Divine has in store for you. Trust in the fact that everything really is happening in perfect divine order. That all really is well. You’ll be getting that more and more with each present moment that passes this year.

So yes, the Universe has been showing me abundance, many amazing images in forms, that can only be described as extensions of the unconditional love that I am. My grandmother and my angels have been communicating with me a great deal, specifically on the threads of my significant other/life partner/wife (releasing all titles and labels on this, but safe to say, you’re getting the picture on this), as well as on California.

Leave it to Pandora Radio for playing messages in the right moments after New Year’s Eve, coming mainly in the form of Celine Dion Radio. Yes, Celine Dion Radio, or what I like to refer to as “Heaven on Earth Radio,” a bit of an extension from what I mentioned about my grandmother’s plans for me for New Year’s Eve.

On a lighthearted note regarding Celine, as I wish to make everyone reading this smile and laugh: Growing up, I never resonated with Celine Dion’s music. I always wanted to change the channel whenever her songs came on. The beautiful soul that is my mother used to listen to Celine quite frequently, even seeing her perform in concert here in Buffalo. Who knew that the music of the “greatest singer in the world” would gravitate so strongly to my soul nearly two decades later. Not I.

While eating dinner the other night, I found myself listening to said “Heaven on Earth Radio” and on came Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” As soon as the song came on, I started weeping…openly weeping. It felt like a feeling I had several times prior over the last few years: that a part of me was dying inside. That I was letting go of who I used to be…again (in my best authentic Forrest Gump impersonation). Since the summer of 2012, there has been so much soul growth in my life, so much that I have let go of, whether it be where I used to live, the physical weight that I released, my two radio shows/podcasts (Monday Night Mayhem and Soul Luminous Radio), working in the collections industry, many of my past relationships, and pretty much most of my connections to who and what I thought I was and who and what I wanted to be. This time, however, it felt similar, but very much different. This feeling, from the depths of my soul, felt like the abundance that I had waited my whole entire life for was now wanting to come in.

I had re-established my connection with God and with my inner child, both of which I am deeply grateful for. I forgave myself and those who I had felt hurt me. I have come very far in loving myself during this time. And I also surrendered everything to the Divine. All I simply had to do to receive this limitless abundance was to believe in myself, to believe that I am worthy of being connected to the Power of Intention (as Wayne Dyer refers to in the book of the same title) and worthy of fulfilling my dharma.

So what was my choice? You better believe I chose to continue to believe in myself, now more than I ever have before, while also continuing to acknowledge and trust that I am being supported at all times, in all ways. 111%. I “gave my glimpses to God.”

I have found myself over the past several days at night, before heading to sleep, in deep meditation, which includes the listening and viewing of four specific songs and brief snidbits of two specific movies and one of my favorite television shows on YouTube, all of which have a California connection, all of which my soul took note of when my ears hear the tracks and my eyes watched the films. Those are very sacred to me. And so, what I have seen in my mind’s eye for some time now, is now being revealed, frame by frame, in the movie of my life.

Seeing how I am serving others. Seeing the unconditional love that is me being reflected in a special someone and in my own child/children. Seeing that light that I am being reflected in the California sunshine. Feeling the clarity that is flowing through me being reflected in the clear blue water of the Pacific Ocean. It’s all here. If this is what God really has planned for me, I had to give it back to him. If someone or something is truly meant to be, it’ll happen, the way God has intended and all in divine timing. I had to continue to love myself in the interim, while the puzzle pieces take shape.

I have peace and solace that I’m right where I need to be. And that’s a good feeling. So, smile. 2016 has some magnificent surprises in store for all of us. This is going to be the greatest year of your life. You know how I know? Because, in some way, on some level, our enrollment on Earth School has already happened. It’s all already happened while it’s all happening. In the immortal words of Bill and Ted: “Woah.”

I’d love to hear how your new year of love is going. Have you given your glimpses to God? I cordially invite you to post your thoughts in the comments below, e-mail them via the Contact section here on EmpoweredByJohn.com, or connect with me on social media (Facebook or Twitter). If these loving words from my heart inspire or help you in any way and/or if you feel that this blog could help someone transform 2016 into a year of self-love and a co-creation with God, someone who needs some faith and hope in their lives, I would be profoundly grateful for you to share this with him or her.

Until then empowered souls, I leave you with some more immortal words of Bill and Ted, as well as a deep bow from myself to you.



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