Give Your Glimpses To God

Has your 2016 started off on a heavenly note? If the answer to this question is “yes,” then you have undoubtedly been feeling the wonderful energies that have been streaming through the Universe over the past few weeks, that began around the Christmas holiday. If the answer to the question I posed is “no,” and it seems as if your life has flipped upside down, I assure you that not only that all is well, but that you can give yourself the permission to shift your perspective to see things differently. How about going outside of the box for a New Year’s Resolution that will last beyond 2016: to release the “old programming,” the old thought process that no longer serves you. I assure you, that if you surrender this request to your soul, your higher self, to the Divine, and to God, some interesting things will begin to happen.

Now, after many years of negative thoughts and wondering “how can they go away?,” I put out the intention to the Universe to let my own outdated software dissolve itself. And presto! Another chapter of “My Empowering Miracle” has been written. Call it divine timing, call it the extensive inner work that I have been doing, but I view it as more of a combination of things really. I credit the releasing of this in large part to no longer needing to view myself as a body. I already had a good grasp on the “I am not my thoughts, feelings, emotions, possessions” part, but I always struggled with the “pain body.” Coming clean on that one, for my soul and for all of you.


If you are not familiar with the “pain body,” I highly encourage you to read Eckhart Tolle‘s “A New Earth” or get the lowdown on it from the man himself in the above YouTube video. I am not an expert, by far, on this topic, so I leave the best explanation on this to someone more versed, and who better than Sir Eckhart to describe the “pain body.” Know this though: You have a choice: You have the power to choose whether you wish to continue the cycle of pain you have been experiencing (either subconsciously and/or consciously), or end your suffering, while still joining us here on Earth School, choosing love vs. fear.

As many of you, I too was very much embracing the beginning of the new year and fully release 2015, keeping its teachings and remembering its blessings and life lessons. I was beginning to notice that I was noticeably feeling even better around Christmastime and a few days thereafter. Fast forward to New Year’s Eve if I may. I had returned from doing laundry in Los Angeles, which may sound interesting to you, because I live in Buffalo. Over the past several months, I was brought to a “Coin Laundry” near my residence. I was always guided to park between the “o” in “coin” and the “u” in “laundry.” There are no coincidences in the Universe. “In LA.” Quite interesting indeed. This realization set in prior to New Year’s Eve, but I would it especially fitting that of all nights during the year, of all the things I could be doing, that laundry was what was in the tea leaves. In truth, I was actually spending some “time” in California, where I will be ringing in many a new year very soon.


After returning home, close to midnight, I sat down in my office, powering up the online feed of “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” As is the customary tradition, John Lennon’s “Imagine” was being played in Times Square. Jessie J, whose music I admittedly not heard of until this night, was performing “Imagine,” leading an estimated one million people in the heart of New York City in singing this timeless classic, on the Planet Fitness “Judgment Free” stage. Empowered souls: I truly cannot put into words how amazing I felt while watching this. It felt as if there was a surge of white light flowing through my being, with a knowing that an inner knowing that 2016 was going to be the most beautiful year of my entire life and the lives of those I touched. Too add in a little flair, the song that came streaming on Pandora Radio in my living room? How about Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time.” My grandmother was definitely celebrating New Year’s Eve in heaven by having some fun with me, in a loving way of course, while operating the controls of Pandora Radio from above. I had never in my life felt this good to usher in a new year. And this experience, these series of present moments cost virtually nothing, albeit the cost of my electricity and internet for the day. I have a feeling that many of you experienced a memorable New Year’s Eve in your own right, as part of these recent supportive energies from the Divine.

There is a personal connection for placing a title with every blog that I write, and I safely assume that if you love to write creatively and let your soul speak through your PC, tablet, or favorite electronic device of your choice, that is also the same for you. You may be wondering as you read “Why did John select the title of ‘Give Your Glimpses to God’ for his first blog of 2016?” If that came through your flow of consciousness, wonderful! If not, no judgment. It’s all good either way.

If you have co-navigating my spiritual journey from afar, whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or through my previous blogs, you have noticed that my visions of what I am seeing for my life are beginning to unfold with even greater clarity, more than ever before. The name of my son was downloaded to me, the specific destination in California that “I am living in” was revealed, and yes, another layer of the inner knowing was shown to me: that the person I am meant to spend the rest of my life with here is already in my life. Even Oprah would think that’s a lot of Aha! moments in a brief span of time. This, combined with opening myself to the possibility of having more than just one child, despite my son being only one I “saw” and felt within my being.


It would be very easy on the surface to begin to want real, tangible answers from God during this part of your life. You could begin to think. And think some more. And then you could begin to over think, which turns into analyzing, followed by a part-time residence of dwelling in your noggin’. Thank you Mercury Retrograde! Now, you may believe that Mercury Retrograde parallels that of “Gilligan’s Island,” that your life is tossed about for a three weeks a few times per year. That’s what you may have thought until now. But try this on for size, while we are in the first few days of the first Mercury Retrograde of 2016: Imagine, just imagine that you are actually receiving clarity during this time. You are recognizing what is working and what’s not. You are reviewing your life and seeing what and/or whom needs to stay and what/whom needs to be released. It’s a time of reflection, seeing how far you’ve come on your own personal path, while letting things unfold before you.

Back at the end of 2013 leading into 2014, I saw glimpses of what my life was revealing for me, as my spiritual awakening began, as I began to shift: I saw the person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with, my soul mate if you will. I saw having a family. I was given the opportunity to place my feet into the shallow end of the pool that is the Divine, through my experience co-hosting Soul Luminous Radio, learning from some of my greatest teachers: Anita Moorjani, Panache Desai, James Van Praagh, among others. A part of me thought I had everything figured out. Things were starting to make sense. Not so fast John! There were two things that were needed on my end that I had to reconnect with: my love with God and the love for myself that I so desperately wanted. All would be revealed when, where, and how it was meant to.

I was not ready then. I had to “be” with the emotions of fear, anger, guilt, judgment, shame, and unworthiness that I had suppressed for decades. Then, and only then, would I be able to truly move forward and allow myself to receive the blessings that God and the Universe had planned for me. The truth: When you love yourself, when you stay connected to God, when you forgive yourself for the times you did not love yourself and for the times you disconnected from God, your external matches the internal.

For countless souls across the planet, the past four or five years have brought up a lot. We have purged emotions, energy, vibrations, jobs, possessions, relationships, and yes, even money from your lives. What was no longer serving you needed to be let go of. And for some of us, that’s been a challenge. The whole “letting go” part. That’s where we’ve experienced the most discomfort. We clutched onto what we knew, in whatever way that presented itself, because that was all that we knew. Our souls, however, were not going to let us be “stuck” anymore. The Universe gave each and every one of us a little kick in the tush and moved us forward to where we needed to be. The really cool thing about all of this is literally found in the here and now: that 2016 is the year of completion.

What I described above may now be starting to make a little more sense. We had to go through that “stuff” in order to get to where we are now. We have come so far. Our dreams are no longer our dreams: They are our realities. So, your soul’s purpose is going to make the biggest strides over the next 12 months. The desires of your heart will begin to take shape in the physical realm. Now remember, before you return to the ride at the amusement park that is the mind, know that those desires will be revealed in the way that God wants. There are times when what you want is different from what your higher self wants and what the Divine has in store for you. Trust in the fact that everything really is happening in perfect divine order. That all really is well. You’ll be getting that more and more with each present moment that passes this year.

So yes, the Universe has been showing me abundance, many amazing images in forms, that can only be described as extensions of the unconditional love that I am. My grandmother and my angels have been communicating with me a great deal, specifically on the threads of my significant other/life partner/wife (releasing all titles and labels on this, but safe to say, you’re getting the picture on this), as well as on California.

Leave it to Pandora Radio for playing messages in the right moments after New Year’s Eve, coming mainly in the form of Celine Dion Radio. Yes, Celine Dion Radio, or what I like to refer to as “Heaven on Earth Radio,” a bit of an extension from what I mentioned about my grandmother’s plans for me for New Year’s Eve.

On a lighthearted note regarding Celine, as I wish to make everyone reading this smile and laugh: Growing up, I never resonated with Celine Dion’s music. I always wanted to change the channel whenever her songs came on. The beautiful soul that is my mother used to listen to Celine quite frequently, even seeing her perform in concert here in Buffalo. Who knew that the music of the “greatest singer in the world” would gravitate so strongly to my soul nearly two decades later. Not I.

While eating dinner the other night, I found myself listening to said “Heaven on Earth Radio” and on came Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” As soon as the song came on, I started weeping…openly weeping. It felt like a feeling I had several times prior over the last few years: that a part of me was dying inside. That I was letting go of who I used to be…again (in my best authentic Forrest Gump impersonation). Since the summer of 2012, there has been so much soul growth in my life, so much that I have let go of, whether it be where I used to live, the physical weight that I released, my two radio shows/podcasts (Monday Night Mayhem and Soul Luminous Radio), working in the collections industry, many of my past relationships, and pretty much most of my connections to who and what I thought I was and who and what I wanted to be. This time, however, it felt similar, but very much different. This feeling, from the depths of my soul, felt like the abundance that I had waited my whole entire life for was now wanting to come in.

I had re-established my connection with God and with my inner child, both of which I am deeply grateful for. I forgave myself and those who I had felt hurt me. I have come very far in loving myself during this time. And I also surrendered everything to the Divine. All I simply had to do to receive this limitless abundance was to believe in myself, to believe that I am worthy of being connected to the Power of Intention (as Wayne Dyer refers to in the book of the same title) and worthy of fulfilling my dharma.

So what was my choice? You better believe I chose to continue to believe in myself, now more than I ever have before, while also continuing to acknowledge and trust that I am being supported at all times, in all ways. 111%. I “gave my glimpses to God.”

I have found myself over the past several days at night, before heading to sleep, in deep meditation, which includes the listening and viewing of four specific songs and brief snidbits of two specific movies and one of my favorite television shows on YouTube, all of which have a California connection, all of which my soul took note of when my ears hear the tracks and my eyes watched the films. Those are very sacred to me. And so, what I have seen in my mind’s eye for some time now, is now being revealed, frame by frame, in the movie of my life.

Seeing how I am serving others. Seeing the unconditional love that is me being reflected in a special someone and in my own child/children. Seeing that light that I am being reflected in the California sunshine. Feeling the clarity that is flowing through me being reflected in the clear blue water of the Pacific Ocean. It’s all here. If this is what God really has planned for me, I had to give it back to him. If someone or something is truly meant to be, it’ll happen, the way God has intended and all in divine timing. I had to continue to love myself in the interim, while the puzzle pieces take shape.

I have peace and solace that I’m right where I need to be. And that’s a good feeling. So, smile. 2016 has some magnificent surprises in store for all of us. This is going to be the greatest year of your life. You know how I know? Because, in some way, on some level, our enrollment on Earth School has already happened. It’s all already happened while it’s all happening. In the immortal words of Bill and Ted: “Woah.”

I’d love to hear how your new year of love is going. Have you given your glimpses to God? I cordially invite you to post your thoughts in the comments below, e-mail them via the Contact section here on EmpoweredByJohn.com, or connect with me on social media (Facebook or Twitter). If these loving words from my heart inspire or help you in any way and/or if you feel that this blog could help someone transform 2016 into a year of self-love and a co-creation with God, someone who needs some faith and hope in their lives, I would be profoundly grateful for you to share this with him or her.

Until then empowered souls, I leave you with some more immortal words of Bill and Ted, as well as a deep bow from myself to you.



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What I Learned In 2015: Thank You Teacher

2015: How can I really put 365 days of soul growth into one blog? That would be virtually impossible. So many treasured memories were created, so many present moments were felt, the learning of several life lessons, the receiving of infinite blessings, and the revealing of one…empowering…miracle.

To simply things as much as possible for myself, my noggin, and for all of you empowered souls reading this blog, I decided to put a list a list together of the things that I learned from this year, in no particular order, going from the flow of my consciousness.


(1.) Giving yourself the time and space for meditation is one of the most beautiful ways to honor yourself, which in turn, allows you to be more present for others.


(2.) The Universe always wants you to be happy and will do everything in its power to ensure that. But, remember, happiness always begins from within. No one person, place, relationship, event, job/title, etc. can make you happy. When you realize just how truly amazing you are, you become your own Walt Disney and create the life you always wanted. 111% true.

EmpoweredByJohnMungBeans EmpoweredByJohnRedLentils

(3.) Who knew that mung beans and red lentils would become two of my “go-to” foods. Thanks to my dear friend Martha Blessing for those wonderful suggestions.

Dosa Place is in the University Plaza at 3500 Main St. in Buffalo. The Indian restaurant's menu is completely vegetarian and most of it is vegan. Owner and chef Rajan Nichols presents the gobi masala. Photo taken, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)

(4.) Indian food is AMAZING…and cooked with love. See the above #3 for who taught me this one as well. Thank you Nick for opening up your doors at Dosa Place and for opening your heart.

(5.) I prefer being in silence now than talking. One of my favorite songs to meditate to is Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sounds of Silence.” This coming from a Broadcasting major in college, whose “dream” was to have been the next Chris Berman at ESPN or work within the world of professional wrestling and sports-entertainment. God had much bigger plans for me. Now, when I do speak, I want my words to not only be positive, inspirational, supportive, and loving, but also make the most impact possible.


(6.) The feeling of making the day of just one person was worth being here for that particular day. Your words, your random act of kindness, your love may not even just make one person’s day, but possibly even transform or save his/her life.


(7.) After years of feeling that I had to give all of the time in order to receive, I realized that I was and am worthy of receiving simply by being the unconditional love, the spark of divinity that I am. I am a child of God. The same is true for you! In order to do the work we are all meant to do, it’s important for us to allow ourselves to receive what the Universe is trying to bring our way, for our highest and greatest good.


(8.) It’s OK not to know: If you feel you are unsure of what your life’s purpose is, do not worry. If you feel like your world is “falling apart” and you want to know the why’s, do not fear. Everything is revealed to you in divine timing…and this is no exception. You are right where you need to be in this present moment.


(9.) Surrender: Surrender your life. Surrender your money, your career, your titles, your possessions. Give your entire life to God and your angels. Release…control…of…everything. The only thing we really have control over is how we respond to something. Everywhere you go, you have a choice: to choose love or choose fear. You have it within you to shift your life, no matter what the surface may say, by surrendering to love in a moment-to-moment experience. I was blessed to have received divine guidance from my late grandmother on June 3rd of this year, after my surrender. Those were the most profound whispers that I will ever here in my time here on Earth School, which proved to me, with each passing day, that if you have hope, if you have faith, and that if you truly believe, you will develop an inner knowing. The affirmation of “All is Well” will not just be an affirmation. It will then become part of your genetic makeup and match everything that surrounds you.


(10.) I have many soul brothers all across the world, all filled with love. This revealing came through my dear brother Dirk Terpstra, who saw and felt the love that I am even before I did. Deeply thankful for my Dutch brother, the rest of my soul brothers and sisters, and my entire soul family.


(11.) After doing radio and podcasting for 13 years, I wanted to get out of one of my biggest comfort zones to explore new horizons and learn new things. After all: Aren’t we learn to learn while we’re here? #SoulGrowth


(12.) That after having the blessing of celebrating my 34th birthday in August, my soul would give me one of the greatest gifts imaginable, to fully be my authentic self wherever I go. For years, I was only able to do this around people I trusted, and even then, looking back, that was not my true authentic self. When you feel like you have divine love flowing through your veins, then you know you are being your authentic self. That analogy is not something I pulled out of a cartoon. You too can have pure, divine love flowing through you.


(13.) Overcoming my biggest fears: If you told me that I could have even remotely navigated through the fear of the unknown, I would have said that you must have been referring to a different John. I never would have thought that I would have been able to release the sexual fear, guilt, judgment, and shame I held in my being for nearly 20 years. I never believed in a million lifetimes that after working in the collections industry for 12 years, that I would have had the courage to say the following statement: “My dreams are now my reality,” with my chapter in collections officially then coming to a close. I never thought that I would have been released most of my material objects, money included. On a spiritual awakening, that does happen, as you truly realize that you really do not need much “stuff” while you are here. The interactions with other beautiful souls, connecting with nature, and simply being in stillness, acknowledging the love that you are and the love you can give as the result, among other things, that’s where the magic happens. With this being said, I am forever grateful for each and every one of these life lessons. The American Buddhist nun, Pema Chodron, said it best: “Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” 111% true. And after the fear has gone away, there is only one thing you can say to everyone involved, yourself included. #ThankYou


(14.) Learning to detach yourself from ALL end results and outcome: This one taught me to be patient with myself more than anything. I previously came from a mindset of attaching myself to everything, and I mean everything that felt good. People, places, activities and hobbies, and more. You name it. Then, when that person, place, activity, hobby, etc. disappeared, pain and heartache would set in. You ever notice if you ask someone how they are doing, and he or she responds with something like “Doing OK.” Or “Wish things could be better.” Who’s to say that what he or she is experiencing right now is not something that’s really amazing. That he or she just doesn’t know it yet. Only when things go right for us, the way we want, are we happy all the time. But, as I mentioned above, God’s plans are better than anything we can ever pen for ourselves. So, while navigating through Earth School yourself, know that however things happen, however all unfolds, is in divine and perfect order. From within that comes much inner peace, which allows the universal energy to flow through you.


(15.) Releasing judgments. Be kind to yourself and everyone you encounter in your life: Every day, whether it be consciously or subconsciously, we make judgments. On ourselves and others around us. It may seem impossible to do this, but even the word “impossible” says “I’m possible.” Monitor your own inner dialogue, your internal chatter. When you see what comes up, you can go into “director mode” and change that. After all, it’s only a thought…and I thought can be changed. Louise Hay: You are spot on!


(16.) Forgiveness: The portal to “Letting Go.” Yes. Forgiveness and Letting Go. Another impossibility right? Not necessarily. On anyone’s journey, it eventually turns inward. You have the choice. You can numb yourself to your emotions and feelings, stuff them down for your entire life, or you can honor them. You can let your thoughts and emotions flow. You can feel your feelings. And yes, you can forgive yourself. You can forgive the should’ves and could’ves. You can forgive yourself for what you did and/or didn’t do. When you tell God you are ready to forgive, he’ll take care of the rest. You might not know how to forgive, but I assure you, once you make that statement, your higher self and your soul will work hand-in-hand with the Universe on this for you. For quite a long period of time, I found forgiveness difficult. I struggled with it. Big time. But, when I surrendered this summer, I also included the forgiveness as part of it. God knew I wanted to forgive myself, to forgive the part of the mind that kept believing the same stories I told myself, which I believed. They were not the truth though. They were a collection of things that were repeated to me through many past experiences on my path, from the conditioning of previous present moments. I wanted to see things from a different perspective. I knew it was possible. But, in order to move forth on my path, I had to forgive myself. Now, I can admit. I am still working on this one into 2016. I know I am further along on this than I realize. I have learned the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer and mantra, which has allowed even greater vibrations of love to come into my being. If you have not been to the islands before or are curious what it means, its translation is “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I thank you. I love you.” Every day, I say those words, not only forgiving myself, but anyone who I felt wronged or hurt me. At the end of the day, remember this: Everyone was doing the best that they could, with the knowledge they had, the tools they had, and the love that they had. If you shift your perspective to this, forgiveness becomes easier than you think and even the person or persons you felt caused you the most pain can be forgiven and have infinite love sent their way.


(17.) It doesn’t matter how many likes you have on Facebook, how many followers you have on Twitter, how many zeros you have in your bank account, the kind of car you drive, the name brand of your clothes, what city, village, or state you reside in, the title of your job/the career you are in, whether you are single or married, how many friends you have, or the most important one for many: how much money I have right now. The most important thing is that you have your connection to God, your source, and that you are perfect, whole, and complete just the way you are right now. Much love to Dirk for his help with this particular shift.


(18.) Your soul always knows the way…always. No matter where you are in your life, no matter what your five senses want you to believe, no matter what your circumstances try to dictate, you are being led by a force within you that always knows where to go and what to do. You are here for a reason…and you will be arriving at each of your destinations, all in divine timing.


(19.) That one of my best friends is “La Luna”: Yes, I have regular interactions and chats with the Full Moon, when she is in the skies above Buffalo. Magic always happens when “La Luna” presents herself, and I saw and felt that in 2015. Whether you are on an awakening or not, take the time to be present and just look at a Full Moon when you can. It’s absolutely incredible. Just be in awe of its magnificence.


(20.) Feeling what’s to come for my “future”: Last year, I had several people tell me that I was going to write a book, possible several. I told myself I did not have the “sexy chapter of my life.” Well that came to pass, but more importantly, so a shift within me began to take place. I not only saw that I had written a book, but also several other powerfully clear visions: speaking, teaching, and traveling to specific locales across the globe (Hawaii, Okinawa, Paris, Prague, and Africa), living in California, in addition to having a wife and son. Just this past weekend, my son’s name was downloaded to me. Kind of neat if you ask me. Some of this may seem difficult to understand, but that’s OK. Your soul is your soul. No one will understand your soul and its path other than you. Simply know that your heart’s desires are always revealed to you in divine timing and that yes, some of them may include things you never saw yourself doing, but that’s the wonder of your soul’s essence. When you tell your ego to go outside and make a snow ego (the opposite of a snow angel), you tap into more of what you really desire while you are here. It normally involves love and one of my other favorite words, which is seen in #21 below.


(21.) Life really is about service: “How may I serve you” really gets you further in life. Speaking openly if I may, as there’s only one way for me to speak now, for my entire life, until recently, I always made sure I was taken care of first. “What’s in it for me” was my primary mindset. I am not here to judge myself or you in that mindset. That thought, that statement, comes from the ego, what we have been programmed to be seen as the truth. Your ego is about safety. Its primary concern is survival mode. Once you are set, then and only then can you help someone, right? The opposite is actually true. Every morning when I wake up, I talk to God and tell him “Show me whom to serve, how to serve, when to serve, and where to serve, and I am there.” When you serve others, you allow yourself to give, but you also allow yourself to receive. St. Francis said “For it is in giving that we receive.” 111% true. Release the need to worry about an energy imbalance. When you see life from this perspective more and more, chances are that you are honoring your energies even more than you ever have and that you also become infused with even more love as the result of helping others. If you are reading this, and you feel you “aren’t in this place yet” and that you still are doing more from your ego, relax. This took many, many years for me to even begin to comprehend. It’s simply part of your daily spiritual practice. You’ll get there Daniel-San.

(22.) I have perfect health: I am not saying that to brag at all whatsoever. In fact, you have perfect health as well. Each and every one of you. Most of all sicknesses, illnesses, and diseases are illusions. They are merely a story, a story that someone told you at some point. A story that you believed. And a story you kept telling yourself over and over again, whether it was originally told to you by a doctor, a psychiatrist, or an oncologist. The mere feeling of “I’m not well” was then planted into your being and that feeling grew over time. Now remember, this is my opinion, but there are many, many people who feel the exact same way, especially after seeing things from the opposite perspective, one of fear, for many years beforehand. The spiritual teacher Matt Khan shared an interesting perspective on this: that sickness, illness, and disease are simply the body and soul’s way of merging together and coming out the other end. I had previously felt there was something wrong with me for quite a while. That was a subconscious belief that I had, which morphed into my consciousness, which I then wanted, on some level, to manifest into the physical realm that I was living in. Insert forgiveness here. Call it divine timing, call it the right people, places, books, experiences, and the like coming into my life, call it whatever you will. My life truly began to change when I realized that there never was anything wrong with me. That I was whole just the way I was. I had experienced so much soul growth from 2011 onward, what seemed like decades of soul growth. My body simply had to catch up. And that has happened and continues to with each passing day. I actually take the time now, every day, to talk to my body, to send my organs, systems, and chakras love. I ask my muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, cells, blood vessels, and blood to forgive me for not believing in them, for believing in the illusion of fear. This is something you may not be comfortable with or would even try. Do whatever works for you. If you believe your “illness” is “incurable,” then that will be your reality. If your doctor says that your “disease” is “terminal,” and you feel that will be your fate, there’s a good chance it will be. I am only here to offer my guidance and speak from a place of love, based on my personal experiences. Simply open up yourself to the fact that anything, and I mean ANYTHING is possible, including you having perfect health, no matter your age, your sex, your race, your color, your creed, or that favorite one once again, how much money you have to your name. Get to know your body. You know your body and your health better than anyone else, more than your doctor(s) or what a test would show. This also resonates very strongly in #23 below.


(23.) I no longer wished to give my power away anymore. Until just a few months ago, I was unsure of myself in many ways. It all boiled down to not believing in me. At our core, all we are is energy. When we give that away, all of the time, to everyone, what happens? We become tired. Fatigued. If that happens over a prolonged period of time, what happens next? Your body and your soul will let you know. I can admit: I am a recovering “people-pleaser.” Allowing myself to receive is still kind of a new thing. At the same time, I also learned that you will keep seeking outward, in the form of friends, relationships, jobs, religions, etc., but that the treasure that you seek actually lies within you. Powerful stuff huh? One of our biggest fears we all have, whether we want to admit it or not, is the fear of success. Imagine, just for a few moments, if you could be the best at whatever you are doing right now. What if your writing could inspire millions of people? What if your restaurant became the most popular in your area? What if you sold the most cars at the dealership you work at? We are so programmed to think the “Other Show Syndrome,” that good can happen in our lives, but it’s only a matter of time before something or someone comes along to f*ck it all up. That “syndrome” is only fear. And fear is “false evidence appearing real.” This one also takes some practice, but if you are committed to becoming the strongest you’ve ever been in your life, know that it’s not the answer is not in the local gym down the street from you. It’s actually tapping into your inner strength and letting that shine outward.


(24.) Gratitude for everything: My long-time friend from a parallel life of Mayhem, WWE’s Kyle Edwards has been one of my friends who believes in the mantra that the little things in life really do mean the most. I couldn’t agree any more. For me, a hug from a friend, making someone feel good, reading a good book, listening to Pandora Radio, meditating, or being outdoors brings me the most enjoyment. Most of these are free or cost a very minimal amount. Peace dwells within me now, and I assure you that when you understand that the “little things” mean more than anything that money could buy. I am grateful for every experience, every moment, every interaction. I am grateful for everything, beginning with the “little things.”



(25.) The strong connection I had to Dr. Wayne Dyer began revealing itself: Last year, when I had the pleasure of co-founding and co-hosting Soul Luminous Radio and when my spiritual awakening really came to the forefront, I gravitated very much to Dr. Dyer’s words and works. I had the pleasure of interviewing two of his daughters, Serena and Skye. I even called myself “Wayne Dyer, Jr.” for a brief period of time. Fast forward to the time of his passing, this past summer, when I surrendered my life to God, more of which i will share as I close this blog shortly. The Universe gave me the opportunity to experience Dr. Dyer’s hairstyle for a few months. I was guided to go to JCPenney’s to purchase a similar hat to the one Dr. Dyer was known for sporting, both on and off stage. I placed it on my head, and I heard a voice within my being that said “This fits just right.” What I realized shortly thereafter was that my soul was speaking. This hat fit my soul, not my head. I never had an article of clothing in my entire life have that kind of energy. It was becoming clear that through my own authenticity, through my own unconditional love that I was going to be carrying on the legacy of Dr. Dyer…and that my dharma, my soul’s purpose, was meant to heal, help, inspire, and serve thousands of people, if not more. Kind of a holy sh*t moment if I ever had one. I wish to assure you that no person can duplicate what Dr. Dyer meant to the world. There will only be one Wayne Dyer. The realization continued within me, in that I did not want to be the second Wayne Dyer, but that I now really wanted to be me, John Masiulionis. There is only one me. And whether my work is meant to touch the lives of countless souls as I feel it’s meant to or just a select few, that all would unfold the way it was meant to. That when my time comes to transition, I would have done exactly what I was meant to do while here on Earth School. I find myself truly honored, humbled, and blessed to call Dr. Dyer one of my greatest teachers. I know there is a reason for several of the events of Dr. Dyer being uniquely similar in some ways to some of the events of my life, just from the past several months alone, so if the Universe has plans for me writing New York Times best-selling books and speaking in front of thousands of people around the world, that would be wonderful. But, I stay grounded and centered: Whatever is revealed and however is revealed will be simply perfect the way just the way it is.


(26.) Trusting the flow and the process of life: This too may read like an affirmation in a self-help book of some kind. At first, for me, that started like that. But, you have to be able to have life present to you some experiences in order for you to trust. And there were several experiences in 2015 to allow me to trust more than I ever had before. Life really is working with you. If you think about it, do you really think that life really wants you to struggle or suffer? There is abundance everywhere you look, from the countless number of water droplets that splash onto your body in the shower to the number of trees outside. Many of the things you have read in this blog all come down to that very premise of shifting your perspective…and this one is no different. So yes, saying “I trust the flow and the process of life” may begin as an affirmative statement. Keep saying it over and over. Heck, scotch tape it to your bedroom wall or the visor in your car mirror. Whenever you see it, stop what you are doing, and repeat those words. Practice does become perfect. It really is true: Wake up, show up, and let the Divine do the rest. If you come from a place of love and your intentions come from your heart, everything always works out in the end. If you look back on the tapestry that is your life from when you were born to now, you will see how that is 111% true.


(27.) & (28.) My Empowering Miracle: I Am Love (And Learning To Let This Truth Sink In): A little over one year ago, my grandmother shared with me in quite a beautiful way that miracles and wonders would be on their way for me. I did not know what she meant. I kept searching. Leave it to what some people may refer to as something bad, something disappointing, and/or something that would make one want to question their own mortality to reveal my empowering miracle. Me. I was the miracle I was seeking. The Universe gave me the opportunity for several months this summer to begin to truly love myself, dissolving everything else that wasn’t really important. I was no longer going to run away from my emotions and feelings. I was worthy of this miracle. I was worthy of continuing to climb up the spiritual staircase, one step at a time, from here on Earth to heaven. I was worthy of my dreams coming true. I was worthy of my own love. I was worthy of sharing my very love with others. And all of these beliefs within me have since been fueled with the power of intention. Even though I classify myself more spiritual than religious now, this selection from the Bible really encapsulates everything, even better than I could describe: “All things are possible to him who believes.” (Mark 9:23)


(29.) No matter what you are going through, God has your back and is placing you right where you need to be at that present moment for a specific reason. That no matter what your “life situation” may reflect, you can and will be stronger in every way after that difficult time in your life passes. My friend Dr. Terry Gordon wrote a book “No Storm Lasts Forever,” and that name couldn’t be anymore apropos. Whether you are religious or spiritual, whether you are 8 or 80, the phrase “this too shall pass” translates to everyone. So, if you are reading this blog, and you find yourself experiencing something that you are unsure you can get through, something you have no idea how you can find yourself being on the other side of, do not give up. I believe in you. I love you. And there’s a heavenly team working upstairs to make sure that you fulfill your destiny. You are safe.

There were several other things I learned this year. I could mention them all I’m sure. But the recovering perfectionist in me, combined with Spirit’s guidance says this feels right. The time has come for us to enjoy New Year’s Eve. Even God and your angels want to as well. It’s a celebration. It’s time for new beginnings! So, whether your beverage of choice is champagne, sparkling cider, almond milk, or water with a lemon, whether you will be ringing in 2016 with your family, your spouse, your girlfriend or boyfriend, your friends, or with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, may your NYE be a safe one, filled with happiness, joy, and peace. Toast to the memories, toast to the moments of 2k15. Most importantly, toast to the growth of your soul. You’re still here. There’s a reason for that. There’s more semesters of Earth School ahead for myself and for us all.


May 2016 be the most abundant year for you in every way, not only for yourself, but for those whose lives you touch. Let this new year be the one that you choose love and dwell in that space of love. Watch your own empowering miracle unfold before you. Empowered souls: Let’s make a plan to connect again in 2k16, shall we?


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