Rise. Transform. Renew. Visionary, Speaker, & Transformational Coach Michelle Falcone Joins Empowered By John

Rise. Transform. Renew: “The Visionary From Vancouver” Michelle Falcone Joins Empowered By John

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Buffalo, NY, January 23, 2017  The New Paradigm has ushered in energies of happiness, joy, abundance, and healing that have never been felt before in this lifetime. Empowered souls from around the planet have answered the call to become fully aligned, to follow the universal heart, to let love lead the way, to allow one’s visions to become rooted in reality. One of those very souls, a chosen Earth Angel, is here to guide you in fulfilling your life purpose and support you as you take your next steps on your path.

We are blessed to welcome Michelle Falcone, visionary, speaker, transformational coach, and the co-creator of the successful Sisterhoood Rocks retreats, to Empowered by John.

Michelle Falcone is not only a very successful business woman and mother, but she is also a divine feminine leader. She believes in the potential of every human being and is committed to helping those she works with to obtain a life full of passion and peace. Michelle comes from very humble beginnings and her journey in life has provided her with a beautiful gift of helping others transform their own life.

Michelle’s reinvention first began with herself by creating new beginnings and engaging in transformational growth work. Her work with various budding artists in the music industry resulted in the launching of several successful careers. Michelle is also an accomplished business woman in the event planning and restaurant industries. This includes the creation of Falconetti’s East Side Grill on Vancouver’s Commercial Drive, made famous through The Food Network’s Guy Fierie’s, Divers, Drive-ins and Dives.

As a Certified Integrative Life and Business Coach (trained through The Ford Institute and Landmark Education), Michelle is expertly trained in the areas of self-awareness, relationships and shadow work. As a successful entrepreneur, she has extensive practical experience in empowering people to maximize their sphere of influence and realize their financial dreams. From her own personal and professional life journey and experience, Michelle now shares her passion, expertise and gift to helping her clients make an impactful transformation. This transformation helps her clients in any areas of their lives for the reinvention of living a more authentic, powerful, passionate and successful life.

“I feel so grateful to have the incredible support and guidance from John Masiulionis. Our energies are aligned in such a divine way, that our potential in working with others is limitless! I am very excited to see what we will create together over the next year,” said Michelle, on her decision to co-create with Empowered by John.

To find out more information about Michelle, to book a private coaching session with her, and to register for Sisterhood Rock’s Tulum retreat this spring: visit her official website, where you can sign up for her official blog, Rise. Transform. Renew. You can also connect with Michelle on social media (via Facebook and Twitter), with her all-new official YouTube Channel coming soon. 

Michelle is now available for interviews. For media inquiries, contact John@EmpoweredByJohn.com.

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