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Creating Awareness for YOUR Message.

Helping & Serving Inspirational, Spiritual, & Children’s Authors
share their gifts with those in need.

We Understand YOU!

Do you have a message that is yearning to be shared? A voice needing to be heard? And with all the “noise” in the world today, how do you cut through and reach the very people who need your message most?

That’s where Empowered Publicity can help!

We understand and work closely with you to make sure the right people hear you when they need it the most!

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Our Mission Is Your Mission

It is our deepest desire to offer the highest quality publicity services to inspirational, spiritual, and children’s authors from around the world, assisting and empowering them in sharing their skills, gifts, and talents, while also spreading their messages of hope, healing, inspiration, and love to those in need.

PR From The Heart: Everything we do at Empowered Publicity is based on placing the “we” before the “me,” coming from a heart-centered perspective, from a space and place of authenticity, compassion, and integrity.

We, at Empowered Publicity, are deeply honored for the opportunity to serve you and to help your dreams become your reality.

Meet Our Featured Clients

Trinity cover image

Trinity Bursey

Trinity Bursey is an elementary and middle school EC (Exceptional Children) teacher, the creator of The Little Instrumentals series, and the author of the new children’s book, The Little Piano. As a former University of North Carolina women’s basketball player, Trinity is now using her platform to inspire children across the country to reach their highest potential. Her greatest desires are that her books continue to encourage people of all ages to understand their value in the world and the value of those around them and that each one of us has an important part to play in this orchestra called life. Trinity resides in Samford, North Carolina.

Misty Thompson Featured Client

Misty Thompson

Misty Thompson is an intuitive spiritual life coach, the founder of Mystified Enlightenment, and the best-selling author of the new book, From Grief To Acceptance: An Active Process For Healing While Honoring Our Loved Ones. Misty’s passion is to serve those who need support with their daily struggles and healing their grief, guiding her clients to the life that they will begin to believe and know is gratifying, instead of overwhelming. Misty currently resides in Thatcher, Arizona and enjoys spending time with her four children and four grandchildren.

Alison Paul Klakowicz featured client

Alison Paul Klakowicz

Alison Paul Klakowicz is a proud Fort Bragg army spouse, mother, and the author of the popular new children’s book, Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck. With a lifelong love of children’s literature, Alison, is here to remind children, parents, and families around the world to follow their hearts, to drive towards their dreams, and to go on adventures together, to create priceless memories together. She currently resides in Fayetteville, North Carolina with her husband (Adam) and her son (Mak), the inspiration behind Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck.

Our Clients Get RESULTS!

I always say that my first book happened to me and am extremely grateful to Empowered Publicity for playing a huge part in the release of my book 365 Days of Gratitude. Jonathan was very prompt and hard-working. He believed in my message and handled it with love and care.

Muskan Virk Photo

Jonathan is very knowledgeable and extremely passionate about his work. The way he shared information inspired me to reach higher than I ever envisioned. In just six short weeks of working with him through the Empowered Publicity Coaching & Mentoring Program, he was able to help me find clarity in my life purpose. Thanks to him, I am now much more confident and ready to follow through with a plan he helped me to create. I highly recommend him and look forward to continuing on sharing my story with his support.

Angie Carter Photo

Jonathan understands his clients and works for their best interests, guiding them to what feels right with them, all while helping them to see more opportunities for themselves. He is an extraordinary communicator, willing to find you not just quantity, but quality for your time and energy, placing you in the best position to succeed. Jonathan holds value, integrity, and honesty, which is rare to find in the fast-moving entity of the PR and media industries. Empowered Publicity is a winning company. They do astonishing work locating your target audiences and finding the right tribe for your unique vibe to share your message. I endorse Empowered Publicity to any inspirational or children's author wanting to make change in the world, to gain great exposure, and to expand your business across North America.

Adrian Starks

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