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Meet Our Featured Clients

Heather Lean Featured Author Graphic

Heather Lean

Heather Lean is the author of the highly-anticipated new children’s book, Angel Grandma. After grieiving the loss of her mother-in-law and her own mother, Heather decided to begin pursuing her dream in writing children’s books, which sparked her passion and her life’s purpose. Angel Grandma was written to convey the message to both children and adults that those we love are always with us, even if we cannot physically see them. Heather resides in New York, where she works as an attorney. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets, writing, and continuously learning and growing.

Patrick Arguin Promotional Photo

Patrick Arguin

Patrick Arguin is a proud children’s author and the creator of the Tools of the Heart children’s book series. He nurtured a life-long passion for illustration and graphic designer, but another heartfelt passion emerged: humans and their well-being. His desire to help others and his role as a father were the driving force in conceiving Tools of the Heart, which aims to help young children develop and maintain a stronger sense of self in order to build and rely on their inner resources. Patrick resides in Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada, where he continues to develop Tools of the Heart and its different projects, while also working as a Reiki Master, a counselor, and a school educator.

Diane Scabilloni Featured Author Graphic

Diane Scabilloni

Diane Scabilloni is a rising inspirational/children’s author, facilitator, and speaker. With spiritual clarity, she creates stories on challenging and emotional topics in a beautiful and uplifting way. Her new children’s books, My Friendship with Doubt and Rulers Don’t Measure, lovingly guide readers to identify and clear mindset blocks and recognize their authentic beauty and personal gifts. Diane believes there are big plans for every single child’s life, which is meant to be joyful, creative, fun and filled with ease and flow. Diane resides with her husband and two sons in the greater Pittsburgh area, working as a mortgage banker, sharing her talents of connecting and inspiring her fellow neighbors.

Our Mission Is Your Mission

It is our mission to offer the highest quality publicity services to inspirational, spiritual, and children’s authors from across the country, assisting and empowering them to share your heartfelt messages of hope, healing, inspiration, kindness, and love to our neighbors around the world.

Alignment. Authenticity. Compassion. Integrity. Quality. Welcome to Empowered Publicity: We are PR From The Heart. ❤️

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and to help your dreams become your reality.

We Understand You

Do you have a message that needs to be shared and a voice that needs to be heard?

With all the “noise” in the world today, how do you reach the very people who need your message the most?

That’s where Empowered Publicity can help.

We understand and work together with you to make sure the right people hear you when they need it the most.

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Our Clients Get RESULTS!

Working with Jonathan Masiulionis of Empowered Publicity has been a richly rewarding experience. Jonathan did in-depth read of my book, An Intimate Dialogue with God: The Miraculous Power of Unconditional Self-Love, truly understanding my message and all its subtleties in the process.

Then, Jonathan used his extensive network of contacts to choose media outlets which matched both me and my message very well. As a result, 90% of the interviewers wanted me back on their show to share more about my book and the work that I do.

Jonathan also bridged an introduction to an amazing international radio host, who I am now co-hosting a popular radio show with, entitled Access To Angels And Grace, which showcases both my book and my gift of channeling live messages for people from the Divine. This was an unexpected, yet tremendously impactful, gift from working with Jonathan.

I highly recommend Jonathan and Empowered Publicity for anyone seeking publicity from the heart. 

Empowerment Publicity has exceeded my expectations with its PR services.

Jonathan was able to help me make meaningful recommendations that were aligned with my goals. He has the skills and connections that are needed to follow through for the ambitious author.

Empowered Publicity was able to facilitate three television interviews, two library visits, along with two Barnes & Noble events for my Charlotte Book Tour to celebrate the release of my children's book, The Little Piano.

I highly recommend Empowered Publicity for all of your PR and advisory needs.

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