“Anything can happen if you let it.” (Mary Poppins)

Imagine having a door that opens to the entire world! Can you see it? 🌎

It’s kind of like your front door, except it’s exactly like your front door! Yes, the one you open every morning to go out and start your day. 🌞

But we guess you never really thought about it this way before, have you? 🤔

It makes you want to stop and think for a minute, doesn’t it? How blessed are we to have the entire world waiting for us every day! 🤗

And so, one of our newest neighbors is helping us to remember how to open up the doors of possibility. ✨

Children’s author Aisha Khalfay joins our Jonathan Masiulionis for Episode #91 of The Empowered Publicity Children’s Books Spotlight Series to share her inspiring story, the release of her new children’s book, Magi-Pals, the role that imagination plays in opening the doors of possibility, positive ways to impact children’s mental development amid the current climate, why friendships are important for kids today, the gift that stories are for children, plus much more on the next trolley stop of The Children’s Books Spotlight Series’ two-year anniversary celebration. 🚎

We encourage you, our fellow neighbors, to support Aisha by purchasing your copy of Magi-Pals: https://amzn.to/33wnFil. 📚


Children’s Books Spotlight Series Episode #91: Aisha Khalfay | Magi-Pals



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