“I think that the willingness and the courage to keep on trying develops best if there is some one close by who can lend us some of the strength we do not yet have within ourselves.” (Junlei Li)

And so, two of our favorite neighbors are here to help us reconnect to the courage we have inside, so that we can become more confident, express how we feel, and respectfully stand up for ourselves. 🙏

We encourage all of you, along with your little ones, to join us for our next trolley stop together, Episode #13 of The Empowered Publicity Story Time with Mr. Jonathan, as our Jonathan Masiulionis shares Patrick Arguin’s new children’s book, Colin’s Courage (part of the Tools of the Heart series), along with valuable lessons on courage, inspired by Mister Rogers. 🤗

We encourage you, our fellow neighbors, to learn more about Tools of the Heart series and purchase your copy of Colin’s Courage by visiting the Tools of the Heart website: https://bit.ly/394hMLC. 📚

Should this message bring hope, healing, and love into your heart, we invite you to share this special Story Time episode, as part of Empowered Publicity’s six-year anniversary celebration. 🎉


Story Time With Mr. Jonathan Episode #13: Colin’s Courage | Patrick Arguin & Tools Of The Heart


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