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Passing Isn’t Final: For the Love of a Mother and Grandmother

Live Your True Life Perspectives Nationally-Syndicated Radio Show

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Best-selling children’s author, Heather Lean, joins Ashley Berges on Live Your True Life Perspectives, to share her courageous story of life after loss, a look inside her debut children’s book, Angel Grandma, and how writing it helped her to grieve and heal from the loss of her mother and mother-in-law, plus helpful tips for parents to talk to their little ones about grief, death, and loss.

Love Yourself Unconditionally

Shower Epiphanies Podcast

PR Campaigns for Authors

Psychotherapist, soul healer, and author, Noemi Grace, sits down with Art Costello on Shower Epiphanies, to share her courageous journey, how the events of 9/11 inspired the release of her book, An Intimate Dialogue with God: The Miraculous Power of Unconditional Self-Love, and how we can learn to love ourselves unconditionally.

Helping Children To Find Their Inner Calm

Reading With Your Kids Podcast

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Children’s author, counselor, and educator, Patrick Arguin, joins Jed Doherty on the Reading With Your Kids Podcast to share the inspiration behind his Tools of the Heart children’s book series and how we can help children to find their inner calm.

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