One of our newest neighbors is helping us to remember to shine our light and share it with the world. 🌟

Children’s author and mentor, Melanie Lococo, joins our Jonathan Masiulionis for Episode #87 of The Empowered Publicity Children’s Books Spotlight Series to share her inspiring story, the release of her new children’s book/coloring book, I Am Light, I Am Bright, why it’s important to share your gifts with others at this time, the healing benefits of coloring for children and adults, how positive affirmations can help you improve your mental health amid the current climate, plus much more. 🎨

We encourage you, our fellow neighbors, to support Melanie by purchasing your copy of I Am Light, I Am Bright, now available on Amazon: 📖


Children’s Books Spotlight Series Episode #87: Melanie Lococo | I Am Light, I Am Bright