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People Love Us!

It’s not a secret. We get results. Have a look at some of our latest testimonials from real clients.

I always say that my first book happened to me and am extremely grateful to Empowered Publicity for playing a huge part in the release of my book 365 Days of Gratitude. Jonathan was very prompt and hard-working. He believed in my message and handled it with love and care.

Muskan Virk Photo

Jonathan is very knowledgeable and extremely passionate about his work. The way he shared information inspired me to reach higher than I ever envisioned. In just six short weeks of working with him through the Empowered Publicity Coaching & Mentoring Program, he was able to help me find clarity in my life purpose. Thanks to him, I am now much more confident and ready to follow through with a plan he helped me to create. I highly recommend him and look forward to continuing on sharing my story with his support.

Angie Carter Photo

Jonathan understands his clients and works for their best interests, guiding them to what feels right with them, all while helping them to see more opportunities for themselves. He is an extraordinary communicator, willing to find you not just quantity, but quality for your time and energy, placing you in the best position to succeed. Jonathan holds value, integrity, and honesty, which is rare to find in the fast-moving entity of the PR and media industries. Empowered Publicity is a winning company. They do astonishing work locating your target audiences and finding the right tribe for your unique vibe to share your message. I endorse Empowered Publicity to any inspirational or children's author wanting to make change in the world, to gain great exposure, and to expand your business across North America.

Adrian Starks

Jonathan worked as my official publicist to promote my first book, Psychology and the Near Death Experience: Searching for God. As a new author, I greatly benefited from his dedicated work. Jonathan persistently found quality multi-media venues and group presentations for author clients. Moreover, he displayed great organizational skills in the planning and scheduling of events. Jonathan also communicates with clients in an effective, caring manner. He is approachable and kind. Perhaps, most importantly, Jonathan expresses great enthusiasm for the spiritual purpose of others. The client mission becomes his mission. For all these reasons, I highly recommend that authors and speakers consider partnering with Empowered Publicity to achieve their God and Spirit-driven objectives.

Dr Roy Hill Photo

Am I ever grateful that a friend of mine said 'my publicist Jonathan,' which invited me to inquire further. The rest, as they say, is history!

I have loved working with Jonathan and Empowered Publicity every step of the way: from his clear and kind messages and e-mails to the wondrous podcast and radio hosts he aligned me with, to the thorough booking sheets he created for my interviews.

Our working relationship was authentic and empowering and so beautiful.

Thank you Jonathan!

Joy Resor Photo

It all started…actually who knows where it all started, but the intention was set, and I was able to experience the pleasure of working with Jonathan Masiulionis and Empowered Publicity. When you venture out into the unknown to create a following, build your business, and share your message with the world, you truly never know where the support, guidance, encouragement, or lessons will come from. All of these things I received during my time at Empowered Publicity. Jonathan himself is a very grounded and intuitive man, who, while holding deep faith in his clients, delivers what is needed for the expansion and growth of the individual…and not just the business. Personally, Jonathan helped me to see where both my life and my business needed more balance. Once I understood and recognized this, Jonathan walked me through the process. Empowered Publicity helped me to develop a balanced and comfortably-paced, step-by-step system, which truly gave me the security and grounding that I was lacking. I recommend anyone who is considering partnering with a conscious, heart-centered company and expanding their business to have a conversation with Jonathan and explore the infinite possibilities of success.

Lisa Berry Photo

After our first meeting, I knew that Jonathan did his work from a place of heart value and authenticity. Of course, his resume spoke volumes as well. Empowered Publicity helped me to increase my social media following and secured some of my highest-rated interviews. As an author, I don’t think I could have achieved as much in six months on my own as I did with them. I would recommend Jonathan’s publicity skills to anyone. Thank you Empowered Publicity for your hard work, advice, patience, and support.

Kim Wuirch

I love the way Jonathan can grasp the message of what I’m trying to convey and easily expand on it through his publicity work online. He is able to consistently relay your message from so many points of view on a variety of platforms. Jonathan has a vast network of people that are so important in his industry. I highly recommend working with Empowered Publicity. You will get results.

Ken Lewicki Photo

Empowered Publicity does amazing work, promoting those of us who are sharing uplifting messages of well-being, inspiration, and personal development. I am astounded by Jonathan’s ability to manage large quantities with such precision, find venues and outlets that are the right fit for you, and bring intentions to fruition that is a win-win for all. His quality of communication is stellar, striking the balance between diplomacy, directness, and great respect for people’s time, while being persistent in forging connections. With the scope of services at Empowered Publicity, your offerings gain the exposure needed to help your business expand and thrive. Bravo Jonathan. And thank you.

Korrine Holt

Working with Empowered Publicity was something my heart led me to, and that is the reason we should all do anything in life. I knew I would be respected and guided, and I was. Jonathan was a friend for a number of years, and the shift to working with him was seamless. He repeatedly showed the abilities of intuition and flow, while making decisions on and for my highest good. He demonstrated professional wisdom, clarity, and kindness to myself. Publicists do conjure up an image that Jonathan beautifully busts, as he truly cares and provides an excellent and professional service. I live in the UK, yet the distance made zero impact on our professional link. For all those considering working with someone to take their work to the next level, I highly recommend you contact him. It is so important to link with like-minded souls, in every aspect of your life, so if your work is spirit-guided and heart-led, then look no further.

Sally Saint Photo

Empowered Publicity puts their heart and soul into everything they do, and their PR work is no exception. Jonathan places so much love, passion, and energy into connecting with people, planning and promoting their events, and supporting their clients however they need support. As my publicist, Jonathan was my biggest supporter and cheerleader and continues to support me as I move forward in my life’s work. He helped me to see the light and gifts in myself that I wasn’t fully recognizing before. With the guidance, support, and encouragement from Jonathan, I have now stepped more fully into myself, both personally and professionally. Empowered Publicity connected me with multiple media outlets and workshop venues that allowed me to share my message with more people. And they have undoubtedly helped me to accelerate my growth as an author, teacher, coach, and speaker. Thank you Jonathan for supporting me on my path.

Robyn Wiley Photo